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Estimated Time: 20hrs Start Time: 7:00am Friday June 17 2011

Our wolf pack consists of ...

Munich (or Pumba)

Alpha (or Dak)

Tozin (or Navman)

Cheeseman (or Rock).

Cheeseman is the best looking, though he is hairy like animal. Alpha will be upset by this. Tozin will laugh and edit this. Munich is too focused on finishing to care.

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23 Jun 2011 by Peter Martin

Five days after the event, the sweat rash is dissapating, the toe nails are sorting themselves out (looks like I'm -2 big ones), Munich has won the blister…


14 Jun 2011 by Peter Martin

This is an Affogatto, apparently. Yes, two of the team spent yesterday tapering at the Full Moon Hotel, and much to the dismay of our partners, we didnt…


09 Jun 2011 by Peter Martin

99 - Barbara (Feldon) ... 98 Fish (International Year of the Ocean) ... 97 Monty (The Full) ... 96 Atlanta ... 95 Windows ... 94 Nirvana ... 93 Waco ....92…


06 Jun 2011 by Peter Martin

Hello ... I am the Cheeseman. Yes, it's true that I wasn't at training on Sunday, and it's not the first training session I've missed, but they have all…


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