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Team Calibre

Estimated Time: 13hrs Start Time: 7:00am Friday June 17 2011

Team Bio

Chris: 10km: 31:36 Road (June 2008 - Northhead, Sydney) - 14km City to surf: 45:44 (2006) - 42.2km: 2:29:44 (Berlin 2002) - 45km: 3:33:30 (Six Foot Track 2005)


Jim: ==========

Jonathan: - 6 Trailwalkers including 4 wins in Melbourne, Sydney*2 and Yorkshire Dales(UK) - various 100mile trails runs including HardRock, Angeles Crest, Mt Blanc

- 13 six foot tracks, 3 Cradle Mtns, 5 Bogong Hothams, -two 3 Peaks ========== Andrew:

Team Calibre Blog

28 May 2011 by Jonathan Worswick

Finally managed to have a good look at the trail details incl elevation. Going to be an undulating day with plenty of opportunity to damage our quads…


24 Mar 2011 by Jonathan Worswick

Luckily Jim is checking out the course and has sent out various updates. Seems to be a lot of fire trail :o( Whereas in Sydney: Andrew has disappeared…


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