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Four Lost Boys

Estimated Time: 26hrs Start Time: 7:00am Friday June 17 2011

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Good day to you.

The four lost boys enjoy wearing cravats, lazing on our bespoke chesterfield leather lounges sipping cognac discussing topics of the day (eg. globalisation and the origin of the word "spatula"). All this fun & frivolity leads to very interesting lives, the stories portrayed in Dickens, Hemingway & Stephanie Meyer simply pale in significance. To raise money for those truly in need we have selflessly committed ourselves & five Peruvian porters to the OXFAM challenge.

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Four Lost Boys Blog

21 Jun 2011 by Danny Gluszkiewicz

Thank you for your support! We can proudly say that the “Four Lost Boys” stayed on track and completed the 100km challenge in 20hrs and 56mins, well…


15 Jun 2011 by Danny Gluszkiewicz

A huge thank you to our crew, supporters, and the very generous donations - awesome, wish us luck!!


13 Jun 2011 by Danny Gluszkiewicz

Reminiscent of exam time in days gone past we decided to sneak in one last training session, less than a week out from Trek Day. 20km's over stage 6 with…


06 Jun 2011 by Danny Gluszkiewicz

With two members down out with the flu this weekend training was limited solely to mental and motivational watching the original…


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