You won’t believe you can, but you will!

Very occasionally in life, you get the chance to achieve something extraordinary; something that will inspire others and prove something to yourself. Oxfam Trailwalker is one of those rare opportunities. It’s an epic journey that changes lives forever – including yours.

What is Oxfam Trailwalker?

Oxfam Trailwalker is one of the most inspiring team challenges in the world. You and three mates will journey through 100km of bush trail within 48 hours. It’s not a relay. Your team has to start together, stick together and finish together — it’s tough, but with the right training and attitude, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. The feeling when you cross the finish line will be something you’ll never forget.

Challenge poverty

Oxfam Trailwalker is a life-changing experience and every step you take helps raise vital funds to support people living in poverty. You’ll be part of a global phenomenon where ordinary people achieve something extraordinary and make a lasting difference by supporting Oxfam’s work around the world.

Oxfam works with local communities to help them create their own sustainable solutions to poverty. Together we are promoting education, ensuring access to clean water, teaching skills to grow food and advocating for their basic rights.

How did it begin?

Oxfam Trailwalker began in 1981 as a training exercise for the elite Queen’s Gurkha Signals Regiment in Hong Kong. It has since grown into one of the world’s ultimate team events with over 250,000 people taking part and $165 million raised in support of Oxfam’s work. Oxfam Trailwalker takes place in India, New Zealand, Spain, Japan, France, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Hong Kong and Australia.

Fundraising for a future free from poverty

Each team must commit to raising $1600 to support Oxfam’s work around the world. By raising money for Oxfam Australia you will be making a tremendous difference in people’s lives. Fundraising for Oxfam is a rewarding experience and can also be great fun!

Anyone can do it

Oxfam Trailwalker is all about teamwork — it’s a great way for friends to bond or for work colleagues to develop team spirit. Oxfam Trailwalker is challenging, but you don’t need to be a marathon runner or a professional athlete to do it. Whether you’re old friends, a group of mums or workmates, with training and the right mental attitude, just about anyone can do it.

Behind every great team is an even greater support crew

Helping each team through the event is a dedicated support crew, providing them with clothes, food, foot rubs and hugs. Support crews are the unsung heroes of the event and teams could not complete Oxfam Trailwalker without them. Learn about what makes a good support crew.

And behind every great event are the volunteers

Oxfam Trailwalker is a massive logistical exercise and each event needs around 700 volunteers to help make it happen. Volunteers work in various roles, from checkpoint captains and trail marshals to couriers and physiotherapists. Their dedication, hard work and enthusiasm play a pivotal role in making Oxfam Trailwalker a success. Find out more about volunteering at Oxfam Trailwalker.

Check out our FAQs for all preparation, fundraising and event information.

Oxfam Trailwalker around the world

Oxfam Trailwalker is a global phenomenon. Oxfam Trailwalker began in 1981 as a military training exercise for the elite Queen’s Gurkha Signals Regiment in Hong Kong. It has since grown into one of the world’s leading team endurance challenges.

In 2019 Oxfam Trailwalker took place in AustraliaIndiaNew ZealandSpainFranceUK, Belgium, and Hong Kong and South Korea. Globally, the events have raised more than $210 million for Oxfam’s work in support of people living in poverty around the world.



Oxfam Trailwalker in Australia

Oxfam Trailwalker launched in Australia in 1999, with events in both Sydney and Adelaide raising more than $250,000. A Melbourne event replaced Adelaide in 2003, and in 2011 Brisbane hosted its first Oxfam Trailwalker. In 2013 the inaugural Oxfam Trailwalker Perth event took place in October. In 2014, Brisbane launched Australia’s inaugural sub-100km option with their 55km distance, and Perth hosted a 50km event for the first time.

Oxfam Trailwalker is Australia’s original 100km team challenge. In 2019, almost 1,500 teams took part in Oxfam Trailwalker across Australia, with the support of more than 2,000 volunteers and 4,500 support crew members, and raised more than $5 million. Since 1999, more than 90,000 people have participated in the event and have collectively raised more than $95.1 million.


Year City Fastest Time Money Raised Teams
2020 Melbourne (100km) n/a $1.5 million n/a
Brisbane (100km) tbc tbc tbc
Sydney (100km) tbc tbc tbc
Adelaide (100km) tbc tbc tbc
2019 Melbourne (100km) 11hrs 20mins $2.5 million 808
Brisbane (100km) 17hrs 36mins $700,000 144
Brisbane (55km) 7hrs 54mins (as above) 95
Sydney (100km) 17hrs 43mins $2.02 million 329
Sydney (50km) 10hrs 6mins (as above) 209
2018 Melbourne (100km) 12hrs 13mins $2.51 million 508
Melbourne (50km) 6hrs 41mins (as above) 228
Brisbane (100km) 13hrs 25mins $708,000 136
Brisbane (55km) 7hrs 50mins (as above) 105
Sydney (100km) 17hrs 19mins $2.10 million 325
Perth (100km) 14hrs $473,000 84
Perth (50km) 8hrs 42mins (as above) 73
2017 Melbourne 11hrs 25mins $2.34 million 710
Brisbane (100km) 23hrs 27mins $890,000 154
Brisbane (55km) 14hrs 58mins (as above) 103
Sydney (100km) 18hrs 4mins $2.98 million 442
Sydney (50km) 7hrs 8mins (as above) 223
Perth (50km) 4hrs 57mins $809,000 247
2016 Melbourne  10hrs 56mins  $2.52 million  690
Brisbane (100km) 11hrs 2mins  $785,000  139
Brisbane (60km)  8hrs 13mins  (as above)  1oo
Sydney  14hrs 31mins  $2.18 million  460
Perth (100km) 12hrs 56mins  $685,000  117
Perth (50km)  7hrs 53mins  (as above)  92
2015 Melbourne  10hrs 32mins  $2.43 million  710
Brisbane (100km)  13hrs 40mins  $920,000  165
Brisbane (60km)  8hrs 17mins  (as above)  117
Sydney  17hrs 19mins  $2.83 million  544
Perth (100km)  18hrs 22mins  $1 million  194
Perth (50km)  10hrs 23mins  (as above)  105
2014 Melbourne 10hrs 31mins $2.7 million 781
Brisbane (100km) 12hrs 35mins $663,000 207
Brisbane (50km) 7hrs 45mins $377,000 109
Sydney 11hrs 22mins $2.3 million 556
Perth 14hs 9mins $1.2 million 369
2013 Melbourne 11hrs 20mins $2.6 million 756
Brisbane 13hrs 18mins $850,000 274
Sydney 12hrs 29mins $2.1 million 479
Perth 10hrs 50mins $1.5 million 369
2012 Melbourne 9hrs 51mins $2.6 million 745
Brisbane 11hrs 53mins $1.1 million 353
Sydney 12hrs 18mins $2.9 million 543
2011 Melbourne 10hrs 23mins $2.9 million 715
Brisbane 11hrs 58mins $1 million 283
Sydney 12hrs 9mins $3.3 million 550
2010 Melbourne 12hrs 29mins $3 million 729
Sydney 12hrs 7mins $3.3 million 497
2009 Melbourne 10hrs 35mins $2.3 million 713
Sydney 13hrs 25mins $3.2 million 510
2008 Melbourne 11hrs 26mins $2.4 million 668
Sydney 14hrs 24mins $3.2 million 519
2007 Melbourne 10hrs 44min (shortened trail) $2.3 million 592
Sydney 12hrs 56mins $3.1 million 502
2006 Melbourne 11hrs 40mins $1.6 million 481
Sydney 12hrs 37mins $2.2 million 446
2005 Melbourne 12hrs 39mins $1.3 million 418
Sydney 11hrs 59mins $1.6 million 430
2004 Melbourne 11hrs 59mins $824,000 337
Sydney 15hrs 17mins $1.1 million 381
2003 Melbourne 11hrs 27mins $585,000 257
Sydney 12hrs 58mins $1.1 million 343
2002 Adelaide 13hrs 34mins $179,000 119
Sydney 12hrs 41mins $749,000 293
2001 Adelaide 13hrs 11mins $190,000 130
Sydney 14hrs 22mins $710,000 294
2000 Adelaide 13hrs 21mins $154,000 113
Sydney 14hrs 28mins $293,000 127
1999 Adelaide 14hrs 16mins $80,000 44
Sydney 15hrs 05mins $176,000 87

Australian team fundraising total: $89.8 million

You and Oxfam, tackling poverty together

At Oxfam we believe all lives are equal and no-one should live in poverty.

We join forces with people who share this belief, to empower communities to build better lives for themselves.

That’s why we are there on the ground, not only to save lives in times of crisis but also to develop lasting solutions.

Our work spans wide because there are many causes of poverty. That’s why we’re also in front of decision-makers, governments and corporations, and speak out on the big issues.

Together we are tackling poverty by changing minds, systems and lives.

Contributing to long-term development

We work with families and communities to equip them with the tools and resources to achieve their basic human rights. We fund long-term projects around the world and work in a range of areas, from water and sanitation to education and health, to bring about positive change in people’s lives.

Campaigning for change

Poverty isn’t just about lack of resources. We urge governments and companies to change rules and practices that keep people in poverty, and we support communities to call for justice and take action.

Responding to emergencies

When communities are struck by disaster, they need help fast. Whether it’s an outbreak of disease, a natural disaster or a time of conflict, we respond swiftly to emergencies – providing life-saving aid, support and protection.

Right now, we’re responding to these emergencies. Once the immediate danger has passed, we work to help rebuild lives and reduce the risk of future disasters.

Oxfam Trailwalker now raises more than $6 million each year in Australia. Each and every donation made to our Trailwalker teams make a significant difference in the lives of others. Find out more about the difference your team and the people who support you make.

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