Ambassadors and Legends

We have some incredible participants in Oxfam Trailwalker who are committed to Oxfam’s work, improving the lives of people living in poverty. These inspiring individuals truly know what Oxfam Trailwalker really takes!


Matt Parker 

hard in slush

Born with Cerebral Palsy, Matt Parker’s mum was told he would never be able to walk. But in both 2016 and 2017, Matt Parker alongside his team Hard in the Slush completed Oxfam Trailwalker Melbourne.

“What happened over that 36 hours, 3 minutes being nothing short of exemplary teamwork; – a shining light for myself, my family and friends for years to come.” – Matt Parker.

Team ‘Hard in the Slush’ were an inspiration to the entire Oxfam Trailwalker community. Read more about their phenomenal journey here.

Annette Milne

In 2013, Annette Milne had never walked an Oxfam Trailwalker. Three years and many hundreds of kilometres later, this inspirational woman took on the challenge of a lifetime; all four Australian events in 2016.

Oxfam Trailwalker is for everyone! You don’t have to be the fittest person but with determination and team support you can do this. I have met some incredible people over the years with against all odds and disabilities have crossed that finish line. It is the most incredibly uplifting event and everyone form the Oxfam staff, volunteers your team and support crew will get you to the finish line.

Jonathan Harper 


Jonathan Harper is a 14 time Oxfam Trailwalker legend. Jonathan most recently took on the Hong Kong trail in 2017, conquering one of the most difficult Trailwalkers in the world!

Each year, he and his dedicated team ­– Tanglefeet 050 – fundraise more than $10,000 for Oxfam Australia. Together, they have fundraised more than $100,000 for Oxfam Australia’s life changing work, hosted numerous training walks for other participants, and have offered advice to those looking for training and fundraising tips.

Alan white 

alan white promo blog photo

Alan white is an Oxfam Trailwalker legend – gone global! Having completed all four Australia trails, and the Hong Kong and New Zealand Trailwalker events Alan truly knows what it takes to face 100km

“There is no doubt that Oxfam Trailwalker takes commitment, drive and a passion of sorts – I think the good thing is that your passion can be whatever you deem it to be. To get fit, re-connect with friends or family through training, to take on a challenge you never thought you could possibly complete and most importantly – help create a world free from poverty”.

Geoff Constable

Geoff Constable proves that anything is possible using the athletic challenge of Oxfam Trailwalker as a way to fight off the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.

The only real way to support Parkinson’s Disease medication and decondition the impact of Parkinson’s disease as it progresses is an ongoing commitment to intense strength and cardio training and daily exercise programs. To keep motivated, I enter long-distance endurance events – Oxfam Trailwalker is one of my favourites When I mentioned I wanted to participate in the 2018 Trailwalker, my friends rallied to do it again with me and get me to the finish line. Within 10 minutes and a couple of SMS’s we also had a committed second team and full support crews. It was incredibly humbling. That’s the real power of Oxfam Trailwalker. Everyone should join in – ­you might just experience something amazing.


Every year, we honour our new Oxfam Trailwalker Legends — people who have participated in five or more events.

Oxfam Trailwalker Legends will receive a Buff, which can be worn as a bandana, wrist band or scarf, acknowledging their amazing ability to challenge themselves and challenge poverty in support of Oxfam Australia’s development work.

Those Oxfam Trailwalkers who have participated in:

  • five or more Oxfam Trailwalker events will be seen wearing a yellow Buff
  • 10 or more events will sport an orange Buff
  • We will also honour those extraordinary walkers who are participating in their 15th Oxfam Trailwalker with a purple Buff
  • or their 20th event with a blue Buff.

Wear your Buff with pride, and let everyone know how far you’ve gone to support Oxfam!

Oxfam Trailwalker Legends
(listed by number of events participated in)

No. of events Legend Name (Alphabetical by surname)
31 events Christine King, Peter Worgan
No. of events Legend Name (Alphabetical by surname)
22 events Craig Miller
21 events Bernadette Van Der Woude, David Overend
20 events Dennis Goldner, David Wilson
No of events Legend Name (Alphabetical by surname)
19 events Robert Cave, Daniel Plane
18 events John Scroggie, Jeff Wardell
17 events Peter Baiguerra, Matthew Bowker, Stewart Grieve, Digby Hughes, Meon Nehrybecki, John Rymarz
16 events Vic Anderson, Mark Higgins, David Morgan, Grietje Price, Sebastian Warmerdam
15 events David Bennie, Peter Blackwood, Ian Daye, Kirsten Eakins, John Faulkner, Tyson Goldsworthy, Ken Newton, Susan Phillips, David Rees, Bruce Rowe, Jane Trumper,
No. of events Legend Name (Alphabetical by surname)
14 events Wolfgang Berger, Kelly Books, David Brewster, Lance Brooks, Jamie Dorrity, Geoff Dumesny, Patrick Gibbons, Jonathan Harper, Andrew Larkin, Ross McKinnon, Michael O’Connell, Alan Price, Rob Santucci, David Scotter, Duncan Stuart, Elizabeth Woodgate
13 events Metin Alev, Mark Blight, Gary Bowden, Agustin D’Onofrio, Annie Doyle, Bruce Durant, Helen Hall, Sean Henderson Rosaia, Roger McAuliffe, John McKelvie, Grant Milich, Warren Miller, Robin Saker, Karen Shamieh, Jack Starnawski, David ‘Tommy’ Townsend, Chris Turner, Maxim Wood, Richard Woods
12 events A-K James Alderson, Stephen Callahan, Trevor Cotterell, Gayle Cowling, Mark Dooley, Owen Evans, Julienne Garcia, Greg Graham, Dean Harriott, Monica Hitchenson, Jason Hoen, Carmel Kelleher, Christopher Kershaw
12 events L-Z Allison Lilley, Brendan Lim, Kate McAuliffe, Kerryn McTaggart, Marlene Prow, Wolfgang Pruckner, Ila Sachdeva, Vanessa Stokes, Chris Tysoe, Daniel Vanden Boom, John Wall, Lembit Willems, Geoffrey Williams
11 events A-K Wendy Andrews, Anita Capuano, Cameron Coggan, Toby Cogley, Kevin Collins, Jason Daye, Tyron Dennis, Bruce Drane, Steve Dunn, Chris Earle, Tony Farrell, Howard Fisher, Rob Gray, Karen Griffith, Jacqui Hansen, Peter Hicks, Stephen Hiney, Tony Isaacson, Peter Johnson
11 events L-Z Mark Lord, Peter Matthews, Matthew McCabe, Forde Nicolaides, David Rogers, Kathryn Rowell, Shea Rowell, Jillian Saker, Michelle Scamporlino, Mark Shields, Mark Smith, Brenton Watts, Miguel Wood,
10 events A-K Christopher Aly, Richard Ansell, Mark Avis, Shirley Ayres, Melinda Bacon, Paul Barton, ,David Beardmore, Stephen Bock, Alex Bolton, Stephen Campbell, Daryl Cheesman, Peta Coggan, Roger Crawford, Robert Dawes, Ray Debono, Kevin Dineen, Jane Driscoll, Joan Eisenhuth, Ross Fraser, Tim Fry, Alan Gibbons, Sharen Gibbs, Chris Graham, Caroline Harries, Jonathan Hatfield, Ken Holmes, Wayne Jewell, Amanda Jones, Con Kalpakidis
10 events L-Z John Latella, Joel Mackay, John Magnall, Gus Maher, Fiona McDonald, Russell McNair, Suzanne Moore, Anna Moore, Heather Morgan, Anne Newman, Melissa Norsa, Adam O’Brien, Michael Osborne, Jane Perkins, Stephen Scorgie, Ross Sharrock, Leanne Shields, Peter Smith, Raffaela Snell, Lauren Summers, Adam Taylor, Angela Tosatto, Andy Turner, Alastair Watson, Stephen Whitehead, Ian Whiting, Nicole Williams, Jake Zarb, Chris Zenere
No. of events Legend Name (Alphabetical by surname)
9 events A- K Leisa Albury, Warren Baldwin, Helen Beard, Paul Brooks, David Brophy, Robin Cameron, William Cole, Jennifer Davidson, Peter Denmead, Peter Duncan, Paul Eisenhuth, Marilyn Ellem, Robyn Fletcher, Judy Friguglietti, Sheryn Gallagher, Lisa Goozee, Rachel Green, Lesley Grimes, Mark Hadaway, Ian Hancock, Orlando Herrera, Harm Hoen, Lilly Humphrey, John Hungerford, Ellis Janks, George Johnston, Robert Joscelyne
9 events L-Z Barbara Lamb, Terence Luppino, Michael Maitland, Rowhan Marshall, Stuart McGibbon, Graeme McTaggart, Annette Milne, Garth Murfitt, Briony Owen, Ian Patching, Paul Petrulis, Kurt Proctor-Parker, Michael Puckridge, Abdur Rahman, Rohan Ripper, Kate Sanderson, Andre Sardone, Barry Savage, Kym Sciore, Jun Sopena, Ingrid Svendsen, William Taylor, Dave Taylor, Dale Taylor, Lorraine Thompson, Peter Trumper, Roz Warne, Tony Watson, Mark Whelan, Margaret White, George Wieckmann, Jonathan Worswick
8 events A-K Daniel Alexander-Head, David Antrobus, Ryan Appleby, Ben Armstrong, Simon Arnold, Chris Baillie, Duncan Baker, Michele Baxter, Peter Berry, Ross Bingley, Stephanie Bittner, Steven Blanch, Mark Bormanis, Max Bryant, Nick Carah, Andrew Cassar, Natalia Cook, Jodie Cowburn, Mark Cowling, Vicki Cuthbert, Raymond Daly, Sharon Danaher, Franck de Praetere, Christian Deards, Martin Dignam, Justine Douthwaite, Joy Drake, Bruce Dunlop, David Eadie, Rachael Edwards, Mary Eggington, Kathryn Ellis, Daniel Emeny, John Evans, Megan Firth, Tim Fleming, Brad Fuller, Malcolm Gamble, Kellie Graham, Philip Green, Philip Haeney, Drossos Haramantas, Stephanie Harley, Ronald Healey, Sean Henderson, Sam Henderson, Chris Hitching, Lynda Hoare, Clare Holland, Gareth Hughes, Suzanne Hume, Desmond Huynh, Kevin Jardine, Michelle Jennings, Robert Johnson, Warwick Johnson, Simon Johnson, Brian Jones, Sahil Kalia, Tim King, John Kirk
8 events L-Z Daniel Langelaan, Stephen Lindsay, Will Loveless, Michael Lovric, Gillian Marcham, Jeremy Matthews,  Annie McCluskey, Simply Mendoza, Glenn Morrison, Matthew Murfett, Thiruparan Navaratnarajah, Bronwyn Neal, Drew Norman, Andrew Norris, Jan O’Brien, Karen O’Mara, Michael Petrovic, Justin Poole, Steven Pozzan, Brian Priestnall, Christine Quinn, Theresa Reynolds, Sarah Richmond, Andres Romero, Dave Rowe, Wendy Sansom, Pea Saunders, Karl Schurr, Daryl Smith, Lindsey Smith, Wendy Smith, Kim Stokeld, Michael Taylor, Sharon Taylor, Michael Teague, Jack Thiessens, Sophia Tong, Tim Turner, Terry Tyrrell, Helen Unstead, Len Vaicekonis, Ben Vanden Boom, Libby Waugh, Laima Wayne, Polly Whakaari, Richard Wilford, Cathy Williams, Nathan Wilson, Euan Wilson, Matthew Wilson, Bozena Wojcik, Alwyn Wong, Ted Woodley
7 events A-H Steve Andrew, James Ansell, Annette Antolino, Irene Aranga, Mark Ayres, Allan Baldwin, Sophie Barison, Lynne Barry, Simon Barwick, Simon Beckett, Andrew Biram, Richard Bishop, Jason Bito, Peter Buller, Janine Callander, Graham Chapman, John Chatterton, Marg Chu, Elizabeth Clay, Courtney Clowes, Christopher Coburn, Alan Colling, Gabrielle Comerford, Andrew Compton, Robyn Condurso, Luciano Condurso, Andrew Cooksley, Andrew Cox, Steven Crouch, Chris Davey, David Day, Rohan Day, Adam Dolby, Bill Donald, Nicole Donnelly, Russell Dovison, Shirley Emeny, Baden Falla, Helen Fewtrell, Paul Fleming, David Fletcher, Richard Foda, Julian Foster, Leanne Fox, Steve Frost, Jack Gale, Mark Garvey, Libbie Geason, Peter Gibson, Ryan Gilchrist, Dianne Glass, June Goh, Sian Gooden, Chris Grace, Haydn Graham, Alona Grantham, Mark Grave, Peter Gray, Chris Green, Rebecca Green, Annette Haggett, Barbara Harding, Bree Harris, Rune Henriksen, Seth Hertz, Denis Hinds, Gordon Hoen, Helen Holmes, Paul Hughes.
7 events I-P David Indge, Bruce Inglis, Sally Ingram, Vernon Jackson, Michelle Joison, David Jones, Alan Jones, Inge Kaiser, Soukaseum Kanhalikham, Stephen Kelly, Robyn Klaassens, Chris Kondic, Shane Lawtey, Michael Leahy, Gary Lightfoot, Nicholas Mallory, Alan Mansfield, Andrew Marsden, Ken Marshman, Ian Mayberry, Kevin McCarthy, Steve McCarthy, Hugh McElduff, Andrew McLachlan, Glenn McLachlan, Anthony McLachlan, Thomas McMillan, Linda McNay, Gerard McSpadden, Paul Menara, Greg Moore, Tammy Morris, George Munro, David Murray, John Mylonas, Judy Nicholls, Elizabeth O’Connell, Cameron O’Neill, Ann Owen, Emma Parsons, Nick Peterson, Jade Phelan, Mark Phillips, Nathan Plumb, Heidi Poda, Joel Price, Julie Pullinger
7 events Q-Z Mike Rakebrandt, Doug Roem, Paul Rowe, Susan Rowe, Christopher Rutland, Peter Ryan, Travis Schreck, Lucinda Scott, Steven Scott, Paul Seal, Michael Seaton, Rodney Shields, Genevieve Smith, Peter Somerville, Christopher Southwood, Michael Spencer, Gary Spivak, Sasha Steel, Stuart Steele, Ben Steer, Michael Stone, Gerry Surridge, Robert Taplin, Brian Taylor, Adam Taylor, Andrew Tod, Simon Tolstrup, Raphael Touzel, Shayla Tracey, Lieu Trieu, Michael Trumm, Robert Walters, Matthew Warner, Helen Watson, Anthony Weir, Sharon Weir, Gail Weston, Michelle Whelan, Benjamin Whitehouse, Andrew Whitelaw, Mark Williams, Tony Wood, Rob Wyatt, Efren Yango, Richard Young
6 events A-H Bryan Ackerly, Mark Adamson, Julie Agland, Tayebeh Alirezaee, Matt Allan, Phil Allen, Margaret Allen, Rachael Andersen, Michael Anderson, Graham Anderson, Peter Andresen, Steven Aney, Russell Annett, Michael Antaw, Melchor Aquino, Brad Ashbourne, Graham Atkinson, Ken Bakon, David Baldwin Michael Barnes, Jeremy Barren, Jeremy Barrett, Peter Bartlett Fiona Batley, Philip Batterham, David Beak, Christopher Beavon, David Beilby, Elizabeth Beilby, Louise Bell, David Bligh, Vinney Bliss, Michael Bollen, Isabelle Boller, Syd Bone, Sonia Bonfadini, Diane Bourke, Cheryl Bowden, Mick Boyle, Russell Brabender, Peter Brewer, Ian Brewster, Rina Brinas, Travis Brown, Jeremy Brown, Rhiannon Bruce, Richard Buller, Marc Burley, Andrew Caldwell, Mary-Louise Callan, Scott Campbell, Mark Campbell, John Carr, Kerrie Carroll, Paul Carroll, Tony Carveth, Phil Catterson, Jaye Chadwick, Robert Chittick, Peter Chitty, Robert Clark, Graham Clarke, Daniel Clarke, Jacques Coetzee, David Cogan, Michael Colgrave, John Collins, Andrew Cox, Simon Craddock, Bob Crispin, Judy Crooks, Drew Cummings, Matthew Czarnota-Bojarski, Charlotte Damon, Shane Davin, Kellie Davys, Rodney Dawson, Michael Day, Robert Demirel, James Dhaeze, Sam Dimopoulos, Peter Dimopoulos, Ian Dinnison, Karen Dix, Richard Does, Timothy Dornom, Nick Drayton, Wendy Duff, Sally Duncan, David Edgar, Tanya Edgerton, Julian Eggleston, Robert Elliott, Sophia Evans, Jason Eveleigh, Paul Every, Chris Fallon, Guy Ferguson, Peter Fitzsimmons, Robert Mark Fox, Scott Freeman, Richard Fulcher, Dave Gallagher, Scott Gamble, Peter Gazzola, Constantin Gherghinescu, Jacinta Gibson, Lachlan Gibson, Damon Goerke, Barry Goss, Brian Green, Derek Griffiths, Tim Grimes, Khanh Ha, Phillip Harding, Elizabeth Harrington, Megan Hayhurst, Ben Henshall, Alysha Henskens, Mario Herewini, Jan Herrmann, James Holland, Melanie Holmes, Lynette Hossack, Liz Hourigan, Leslie Howatt, Graham Howes, Christopher Hughes, Tim Humphries
6 events I-P Asif Iqbal, Greg Irvine, Stephen Irvine, Lynne Jackson, Phillip Jacobs, Andrew James, Greg Jamieson, Donna Jiang, Penelope Joyce, Tony Keating, Rebecca Kerr, Jack Khenkitisak, David King, Colin Kinnison, Dominic Kinsella, Peter Kritikides, John Lawson, Grant Levy, Anthony Li Chiang, Kevin Lilleystone, Steve Limb, Tracy Limb, Robyn Little, Gregory Lo, Glenn Lockwood, Grant Long, Maureen Lowe, Lisa Lucas, Andrew Maccora, Anna Mainey, Kelvin Marshall, Douglas Martell, Brian McMorrow, Neill McCarthy, Charlie McConnell, Craig McDonald, Andrew McDonald, John McDougall, Sean McElduff, Patrick McElduff, Kevin McElduff, Paul McGlynn, Melanie McGrail, Gregor McInnes, Amy McKenzie, Nicola McKeown, Joseph Mckinlay, Matt McLachlan, Jodie Mcleod, Jennifer McLuckie, David Meade, Divot Meiksans, Lucy Menzies, Matt Millar, Amanda Miller, Chris Miller, Guy Monk, Jeremy Morris, Rebecca Morrison, Susan Morwood, Rachael Moulden, Phil Moy, Shaun Mulholland, Kate Murphy, Jennifer Nash, Matt Nash, Jack Newman, Carol Nicholls, Chris , Noble, Libby Oakley, Sandra Olsen, Michael O’Mara, Mark Orkney, John Orren, Moses Otyek, Meg Overton, Nicholas Owen, Gary Packer, Kathleen Packer, Stephen Page, Warren Page, Kerry Paki, Heydon Pallier Adam Parrott, Philip Payne, Charlie Peace, Malcolm Pearce, Brett Peel, Jules Pennell, Tim Phillips, Ross Pidoto, Simon Pitt, Jonathan Pooley, Benjamin Power, David Power, Sjouke Price, Liza Price, Kevin Pritchard, Jodie Proctor Parker.
6 events Q-Z Johnathan Quilty, Karen Quirke, Matthew Rasmussen, Leslie Rayment, Tony Re, Fiona Renshaw, Greg Richards, Warren Richards, Lynne Richards, John Rigoni, Sharon Ritting, Nick Roberts, Craig Robison, Colin Roden, John Ruhle, Tim Russell, Loreto Ryan, David Saunderson, Simon Sawicki, Jessie Scamporlino, Phil Schaefer, Warwick Selby, William Shaw, Ben Sheppard, Lucas Shipway, Darren Sibbison, Ryan Simkus, Michelle Skellern, Darren Slade, Michael Sliwka, Faye Southcombe, Kelly Spiteri, Peter Spray, Leigh Stewart, Mary Stewart, Nigel Stewart, Brett Stickland, Robert Stuart, John Talbot, Bhoj Bahadur Tandon, Rachael Taylor, Anthony Tham, Ranjit Thambyrajah, Paul Thompson, Christine Thompson, Cameron Thompson, Mark Thompson, Megan Thomson, Peter Tibbitts, Melinda Travica, Craig Treweek, Angelo Tsirekas, Matt Turner, Nicholas Valentine, Andrew Van Bergen, Brian Walker, Robert Walker, Elise Wardell, Karen Webb, Volker Weber, Edward West, Diane Westaway, Ian Westlake, Alan White, Keith White, Chris Wight, Paul Wilcox, Andrew Williams, Guy Williams, Susan Williamson, May Wilson, Tim Windsor, Jamie Winton, Kerryn Woods, Mark Worrall, Debra Worrall, Nikki Wynd, Raymond Youil, Curt Zuber
5 events A-H Hamish Alexander, Graeme Allen, Andrew Allsop, Douglas Amos, Noel Annett, Sule Arnautovic, David Ashton, David Austin, Jeff Bailey, Shari Bailey, Gavin Bakalich, Ed Baker, Daniel Banik, Paul Banner, Claudia Barduhn, Beatrice Barnett, Nicholas Barnitt, Jann Barry, Nikki Bart, Janice Bartholomew, Sam Bayford, Steve Bean, Christina Bedard, Greg Bell, Jason Bertalli, Shelley Best, Yvonne Bill, Morris Biondi, James Black, Jane Blackah, Jonathon Blanch, Sally Bodo, Tamara Bond, Karen Borserio, Bridgeen Bourke, Grant Boyle, Paul Bracegirdle, Robert Brady, Kathleen Brasher, Lisa Brentnall, Tricia Brett, Tim Britten, Marg Broad, David Brooks, Alistair Brown, Kevin Brown, Jonathan Brown, Chris Brown, Nathan Brown, Aliesha Bruce, Peter Bruce, Michelle Buchanan, Peter Buchanan, John Bumpstead, Gregory Burns, Catherine Burns, Tony Burrett, Julia Byatte, Paul Byrne-Moroney, Eve Cahill, Melissa Cairns, Susan Callahan, Jay Calvert, Sarah Calvert, Angus Cameron, Moira Cameron, Todd Campi, Melanie Canfell, Greg Carland, Tony Carlon, John Carpenter, Mark Carrington, Peter Carroll, Sharron Carter, Stephen Carter, Linda Cartledge, Marion Cartwright, Olivia Cassidy, Alf Catalano, Patsy Catterson, Garry Caulfield, Tim Channon, James Chatman, Nick Chester, Chris Chilton, Ross Chippendale, Mathew Churchill, Georgia Clarke, Melanie Cleary, Michael Clough, Mark Clough, Peter Coffey, Greg Cogan, John Colquhoun, Chris Connor, Martin Conway, Andrew Coppens, Bobby Corbett, Stuart Corner, Andrew Cornwall, Domenica Costabile, Dean Coulter, Charles Coulton, Amanda Coughlin, Kris Coventry, Yolanda Cox, Sally Crawford, Bill Crilis, Vivian Cronin, Joanne Crowther, Trevor Cullen, Peter Cumming, Nihal Danis, Jamie Davison, Marcel De Graaf, Catherine Dean, Jared Deguara, Catherine Denton, Grant Dewar, Simon Dickinson, Colleen Distefano, Ryan Dodd, Amber Dodds-McNally, Kelli Doig, Bernadette Dornom, Marylene Douglas, Pauline Douglas, Alastair Doull, Richard Dovison, Sharon Drenth, Gayle Druzovec, Lori Dudley, Eric Dunn, Rachael Dunne, Scott Dwyer, Liz Eastwood, Stephen Eckardt, Robyn Edwards, Jacob Edwards, Colin Eisenhuth, Kellie Emmerson, James Emslie, Russell Ensbey, Mary Evans, Lisa Evans, Damien Eve, Catherine Eyre, Felicity Farraway, David Fechter, John Federico, Marisa Feher, Cristina Ferguson, Chris Field, Rod Fielding, Robert Fisher, Fiona Fitz Charles, Patrick Fluker, Cameron Forbes, Ian Forest-Jones, Mark Forster, Cassandra Frost, Craig Furlong, Justin Garrett, Amanda Garvey, Samantha Gash, Nadine Gaskell, Phillip Gatt, Paul Genders, Haydn Gifkins, Wayne Gillard, Andy Godwin, Luke Goodfellow, Glenn Goodman, Hayden Goodwin, David Goot, James Goswell, Peter Grace, Damien Greco, Richard Green, Amanda Green, Kym Gregory, Sue Gregory, Stephen Greig, Amanda Greig, Robert Gropel, Paul Gruber, Paul Guard, Rupert Guinness, Peter Guyatt, Paul Hadfield, Mark Hall, Brenda Hamill, Paul Handley, Ross Hannaford, Jun Harada, Lee Hargreaves, William Harley, Nettie Harper, David Harris, Julian Harris, Ian Harris, Brian Harrison, Sam Harrison, Claire Hart, Edwina Hatch, Steffen Haun, Michael Hawkins, Neil Hawthorne, Matthew Hay, Robert Hayhurst, Nick Heard, Kevin Heaton, Les Hedger, Candice Hendricks, Jane Herbst, Greg Hewett, Jillian Hickey, Siobhan Hickling, Wayne Hicks, Paula Hill, Cheryl Hill, Bette-Anne Hine, Mark Hiney, Nicolette Hinson, Allan Hird, Peter Hodgson, Sharon Hoen, Adriaan Homburg, Glenn Hooker, Dean How, Nathan Hudson, David Hughes, David Humphreys, Belinda Husson
5 events I-P Jemima Immink, Phil Irvine, John Jeanes, Andrew Jefferies, Andrew Jeffrey, Tina Jenkins, Dave Jenkins, Tracey Jobson, Jefferey Johncey, Murray Johnson, April Jolly, Caroline Jones, Louise Jorgensen, Leigh Kable, Peter Kaldor, Simon Katz, Peter Keane, Daniel Keating, Diana Keefer, Sally Keenan, Julian Kelly, Kelvin Kenney, Lucas Keogh, Philippa Kerr, Rash Khan, Jenny Kim, Sarah Kimpton, Michael King, Andy King, Peter Kingston, Patricia Knox, Cybele Koning, Victor Korng, David Krolikowski, Louise Kwok, Eugene La, Michael La Porta, Emma Ladd, Mark Landmann, Sally Lane, Liz Large, Craig Laslett, Cameron Laurence, Thierry Le Blanc, Roxanne Le Blanc, Craig Lee, Matt Lee, Eric Lemon, Juan Leon, David Leslie, Alison Letts, Darren Letts, Amanda Lewis, Steve Lewis, David Liddelow, David Lindley, Michael Little, Andrew Lonngren, Sarah Lord, Peter Lorenc, Timothy Luc, Peter Ludbrook, Christie Macdonald, Cheryl Mackay, Peter Magee, Lani Mannays, Emma Marchesi, Simon Marcus, Lorenzo Marino, Lisa Marshall, Lorraine Mathot, Angela Matthews, Dale McCahon, Ryan McCarthy, Cheryl McCarthy, Patrick McCartney, Lynn Theresa McCole, Robert McConnochie, Mark McCutchan, Pam McCutchan, Andrew McDonald, Rowena McGeoch, Paul Mcgregor, Geesje McGuire, Rob McKie, Neil McKinnon, Steven McManus, Peter Mcmanus, Simon McMillan, Gavin McPherson, Keith Mearns, Ken Medlock, Cathie Megee, Caine Mertens, Laurent Metz, Nadia Mian, Nadia Michaelides, Michael Miles, Milica Miletic, Joanne Mills, Craig Milner, Richard Milton, Col Mitchell, Darren Mobbs, Roshini Mohan, Nicki Molloy, David Monsen, Shaun Mooney, Debbie Moran, Luke Morley, Mark Morris, Steve Morris, Geoff Morris, Michelle Morrissey, Julie Morrow, Stuart Morrow, Heike Mullee, Dylan Munyard, Kim Murnaghan, Margaret Murphy, Michael Murphy, Christine Murray, Peter Murray, Brendan Myors, Ben Najman, James Nash, Mahmood Nekooee, Paul Nelson, Rosheen Nikakis, Nikolay Nikolaev, Tessa Noble, Sharyn Norris, Nour Nwiran, Jodie Oborne, Simon O’Connor, Gerrard O’Connor, Paul O’Connor, Annie O’Donoghue, Jim Oliver, Heather-Lee Ollington, Allan O’Neil, George O’Neil, James Opperman, Eric Ortolan, Nick Osborne, Anthony O’Sullivan, Anthony Paine, Renata Paliskis, Ian Palmer, Kirk Parcel, Tania Parker, Simon Parker, Peter Parks, Angel Parra, Danielle Parra, Amanda Parshall, Karen Pate, Pamela Pauline, Michael Pauly, Jo Payne, Bruce Payne, Robyn Peacock, Tom Pearce, Anne Maree Pearce, Margaret Pearson, Derren Pennington, Craig Perring, David Pettit, Wendy Phillips, Anthony Phillips, Julie Phillips, Paul Pickett, Deborah Pidd, Bruce Pippett, Virginia Plummer, Eric Poon, Michael Pope, Daniel Porter, Alan Poulter, David Powers, Kate Priddle, Sandra Pulling
5 events Q-Z Cameron Quinn, Dom Ramondino, Brooke Rampal, James Ranui, Fiona Read, Sally Redpath, John Reece, James Reeves, Stephen Rennick, Nicollette Riccotti, Julia Richardson, Kerryn Rim, Diane Robb, Mark Roberts, John Roberts, Peter Roberts, Darrel Robins, Mark Robinson, Ray Robison, Herman Rockefeller, Schalk Roelofse, Peter Rogers, Jane Rolfs, Martin Rooke, Karen Rooks, Andrew Rowan, Sam Rowse, Michael Rule, Gareth Rumbelow, Barry Russell, Kia Sadler, Christine Salau, Tyson Salijevic, Andrew Sargant, Prem Satkunarajah, Doug Saxby, Rodney Scale, Mirella Scalise, Amale Scally, Martin Scheirich, Mark Schifferle, Carla Schulz, Anthony Scott, Michael Scott, Nicole Scott, Lachlan Scully, John Sellars, Adam Setch, Nadi Sha, Michele Shanahan, John Shanahan, Ari Shearer, Peter Sheridan, Bruce Short, Alison Siciliano, Noel Simmonds, Ben Simpson, Fiona Skinner, Matthew Slatter, Alexey Slivkin, Andrew Sloot, Leisa Small, Steve Smethurst, Anita Smirnis, Paul Smith, Ian Smith, Michael Smith, Luke Smith, David Smith, Ruth Smithson, Rosie Southwood, Dave Southwood, Paul Sowden, Andy Speakman, Craig Spinks, Adrian Spragg, Andrew Spring, Dimitrius Stangl, Donald Stark, Shona Stephenson, Terrie Stevens, Ian Stevenson, Mark Stewart, Iain Stewart, Christian Stewart, Joanne Stewart, Mitchell Stewart, Maryke Stockbridge, Elizabeth Summers, Haydn Swan, Benjamin Swinfield, Imran Tabassum, Lesley Taeuber, Chris Tasker, Gary Tate, Madison Taylor, Hylton Taylor, Amber Templeton, Peter Thomas, Jo Thomas, Alastair Thompson,Dermot Thompson, Mark Thomson, Jean Thomson, Gordon Thring, Josey Tilley, Stacie Timmins, Craig Tubb, James Tucker, Garth Tuckey, Lucie Turner, Ben Turton, Irving Underwood, Vernon Van Eck, Stephen Van Opdenbosch, Lance Vassarotti, Peter Vaughan, Scott Vawser, Sriram Veeraswamy, Rod Vickers, Anthony Viel, Deb Villani, David Vorchheimer, Tovy Vu, Bevan Waite, Lucas Walker, Catherine Walker, Sue Wall, Mari-mar Walton, Karen Ward, Greig Ward, Carol Warren, Brendan Watt, Dianne Watts, Leanne Webb, Andrew Wedlake, Merryn Weimer, Thomas Weir, Mark Weller, Dagmar Wemmering, Ian Westaway, Kerryn Westcott, Mark White, Rohan White, Mark Whitelaw, Cathy Whiteman, Alanna Whiteside, Jocelyn Williams, Peter Williams, Avril Wilson, George Wilson, Jodie Winterton, Andrew Wise, Shane Withers, Scott Wodetzki, Melissa Wong, Winnie Wong, Matt Wood, Nestor Woodhart, Glenn Woodhead, Samantha Woodland, Nathan Wright, Todd Wyman, Stephen Yatman, James Yatomi-Clarke, Josie Yeatman, Michael Young, Sandra Young, Aishah Zabidin

If you will be making Oxfam Trailwalker Legend status this year, please email us and let us know so you are included on our list of Legends and to ensure we have a Buff waiting for you at the Start.

If you have completed your fifth (or more) Oxfam Trailwalker event and you’re not on the list below, please contact us.

Photo Lara McKinley/OxfamAUS

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