Getting started

Find out how your fundraising helps

By raising money for Oxfam, you’re making a tremendous difference to the lives of people living in poverty. The more you know about Oxfam’s work and where your fundraising dollars go, the easier it will be to ask for donations. Learn more about the difference you can make, or contact the Oxfam Trailwalker staff for more information.

Fundraising guide

Download the Fundraising Guide (pdf) for practical fundraising advice on how to get started, develop new ideas, budget and plan, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to successfully organise different fundraising events.

Start early

Fundraising is not only rewarding, it can also be great fun! In the same way you need a training schedule, it really helps to plan your fundraising. To make it easier, start early and agree on a target. As the weeks go by, you will spend more and more time training, and there will be many other things to organise just before the event — so start fundraising now!

Ask friends and family to help

Ask friends, family and colleagues to help by fundraising on your behalf. Some people will be extremely successful at asking for sponsorship even though they’re not taking part in the event themselves. If you’re putting on a fundraising event, ask your friends to help — or perhaps they have some skills or talents they may wish to contribute to the cause.

Inspire and excite

Don’t forget — you are doing something extraordinary and people will want to support you! Keep your contacts updated with your fundraising and training progress, whether it be through your Teamspace blog, emails, photo diary or in person. Continue to inspire those around you.

Check out our fundraising blogs for more information and a bit of inspiration

Fundraising in six easy steps

1. Your very own web page

Log into your Teamspace — your dynamic team page. Make it your own — upload photos of your training sessions or fundraising activities and write team updates.  Send the link to your contacts so they can visit your page, follow your team’s progress, and donate online. You will be able to see who has donated to your team and read messages they have left you. You can also visit other teams’ Teamspaces and check out what they are up to.  Your Teamspace has lots of additional features so make the most of them.

2. The art of self-promotion

Get social. Download our insta-worthy timeline images to share your latest challenge with all of your networks. Always link back to your Teamspace page so they can donate immediately.

Spread the word. Put promotional materials such as posters and flyers around your workplace, club and local area. Post a bulletin on your work intranet, university newsletter or club news.

Send an email. Get in touch with friends, family and work colleagues. Tell them what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, send them a link to your Teamspace and encourage them to make a donation. Not sure what to write? Check out our Trailwalker email templates.

Use your fundraising starter kit. Almost everything you need to get started is available in our online start kit. You’ll also find links to downloadable posters, treasure map sweepstakes, online tools and more.

3. Host an event

Organising a fundraiser can be great fun. You can make it as simple or involved as you like — from a workplace chocolate drive to a trivia night. Fundraisers can be an effective way to raise money and they give a little back to those supporting you. Need some ideas?

4. Raise your target

Once you’ve reached your fundraising target, don’t stop! Ask us to increase your target so that your supporters know you’re still fundraising. You’ll be surprised at how this can help you raise more funds. We recommend going up in $500 increments every time you surpass your target — your supporters will see that you still have a way to go and will want to give more generously.

5. Match funding, corporate support and sponsorship

Many employers offer ‘match funding’ programs to encourage their staff to support charitable organisations such as Oxfam Australia. This could double the amount you raise in one go, so it’s worth asking your HR Manager whether your company offers such a program. Find out more about match funding.

You can also ask a local business to sponsor your team. Ask for financial support or for ‘gifts in kind’ for fundraising prizes. In return, you could acknowledge their support by having their logo printed on your t-shirts or posted on your Teamspace.

6. Thanking your donors

Be sure to thank your donors after the event. A list of your donors can be found on your Teamspace. Let donors know how you went and your fundraising successes. Why not send them a picture of your team at the finish line? Sharing your experiences is a good way of passing on the baton to next year’s Oxfam Trailwalkers.

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